The Wonders Of CBD Healing Salve

I love walking into bath stores or boutique shops tucked away unseen except for the cloud of aromas wafting through the streets and alleys like a hypnotizing song calling my name, the smells enveloping you like a child running into your arms after a long time apart, is there anything better?

Wandering slowly past the shelves ensuring to place my eyes on every item neatly lined up in rows as if they are standing at attention for inspection, the various fragrances dancing on my nose each wooing me more than the next, hoping to be bought. If I had my way our bathroom at home would be similar to that of these little shops, but alas my husband is not a fan.

The great feature that I enjoy so much when it comes to the bath fizzes, lotions, or neatly packaged and smoothed salves is the varieties and treatments available, who knew there were so many and that the market was calling for it?

There are so many styles, shapes, and options on the market when it comes to cleaning products, but nothing beats a soak in a hot tub, steam rising off the surface of the water as you turn lobster red and loving every minute of it. See this link for an interesting article to completely convince you to hop in the tub and be surrounded by CBD bubbles. 

Where does CBD come from?

Although it is classified under the cannabis Sativa family and related to the marijuana plant, it is derived and extracted from the Hemp plant. Consisting of a female and male version, each with their functions and abilities, it is not to be confused with the Cannabis flower that contains the element THC which is responsible for the ‘high’ people experience when using marijuana. 

THC, if a concentration of more than 0.3% is present, creates a hallucinogenic effect and alters your mental state of mind and being. Always buy CBD from a reliable and reputable source, checking the origin of manufacturing and reading labels to ensure you have a product that has a decent amount of CBD concerning its cost.

CBD bottle

The salve of CBD.

First, we need to look at what exactly is a salve, essentially and without all the technical jargon trying to trick and confuse you, it is a topically applied balm used for moisturizing while with a medicinal property. 

The little tubs that look smooth as glass before use are a combination of usually a natural fragrance and subtle flavor such as Lavender, Menthol, or a favorite I have come across in recent days, Sage. Mixed with part butter either – coconut, almond, or even olive oils – and part beeswax, the consistency is quite thick and great for applying to a treated area.

Like with most things though, the sheer quantity of options to choose from is enough to make you run for the hills, what’s tried and tested, which is better than the last, too many questions with too little time to spare. 

Rather take a quick minute to browse here https://cheefbotanicals.com/what-healing-salve-is-right-for-you/ and see the endless options with reviews and explanations to help decipher what is going to work for you, and which is best catered for your needs. We could all use a helping hand once in a while is it not?

Salve versus creams.

Having used creams and ointments for the majority of my life salve was a new quirk for me when I first started, but now an avid and enthusiastic user, I recommend it to anyone looking for that little something extra.

There are vegetarian, vegan, and organic products too so there is no-one left out, perfect to pop in your handbag for a grab and go safety line on the days when your lips seem to give the Sahar desert a run for its money, trust me, I’m speaking from experience. 

What’s great is there are plenty of DIY versions you can get creative within the kitchen and mix up a small batch for you and your girlfriends to try out when they’re next over for cocktails, see some simple yet chic homemade recipes to consider when next thinking of those colleague Christmas gift baskets, everyone loves a bit of ‘home-made’, wrapped in hessian, heavenly.

Take a Sunday morning off and have the aroma of Lavender floating through your house as your new salve melts away on the stove.