Maintaining a High-Functioning Business With a VoIP

If you want your business to be as high-functioning as possible, you need to take a second look at the phone options you’re utilizing. Many businesses opt for a landline because it’s traditional, or for mobile phones because they’re portable. However, there’s another valuable option that many companies don’t consider. You need to think about a VoIP and how it could benefit your business. This guide to VoIP phone service will give you more insight into the potential benefits of a VoIP.

1. Lower the Price You Pay for Service

One of the most attractive benefits of a VoIP for many companies is the fact that you’ll often pay less for service than you will with either a mobile phone or a landline. Landlines typically cost $800-$1,000 per user per year, and mobile phones aren’t much better, at about $720-$960 per user per year

Compare that to a VoIP, which can be as low as $239 per user per year. That’s savings of up to 76% over landlines on average. To put that into a little bit more of a simpler perspective, consider this simple fact: a business with 15 employees could save over $11,000 every year by switching to VoIP.

2. Maximize Your Employees’ Ability to Connect

Connecting with clients is one of the most important parts of business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a mostly client-facing business or whether you only speak to clients occasionally. You want to make it as easy as possible for your employees to connect with the most important people for your business.

That’s where a VoIP really excels. Landlines require that employees be sitting at a desk, and juggling two mobile phones can be detrimental for employees. A VoIP allows employees a unique phone number that they can access through a smartphone app or through a desk phone.

3. Make Your Phone Service Easier to Use

Ease of use is an important concept to consider when you’re discussing phone service. You want to make phone service easier to use for your employees and your clients. Desk phones are often difficult for employees to use, while mobile phones make things more difficult for your clients.

A VoIP bridges this gap. When you use a VoIP, you’re taking advantage of the existing infrastructure; it’s almost impossible for a business to function nowadays without the internet. That means you can install a VoIP and offer high-quality phone service more easily.

4. Take Advantage of Additional Benefits

There are also a number of other benefits that a VoIP offers. Many of these benefits may cost extra or be fully unavailable with a mobile phone or landline. Here are some of the things available with certain VoIP providers. 

  • Toll-Free Number
  • Virtual Receptionist for Automated Call Routing
  • Conference Bridge
  • Call Blocking
  • Voicemail Audio Sent to Email
  • Main Business Number
  • Unique Number for Each User
  • Electronic Fax
  • Ring Groups


The choices you make for your business can have a very significant impact on your business’s success. In fact, if you’re able to maximize the benefits you receive from your phone service, you can funnel the money you save into making your business stronger in other ways. Whether you have a business that’s been around for years or you’re just establishing a new business, consider a VoIP for maximum impact.

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