Medical Practice

Is Your Doctor’s Practice Healthy

Running a doctor’s practice of any type of medicine is a big responsibility.

That said what if your practice is not as healthy as it could be? How long can you expect to stay in business if you’re having medical issues with your practice?

That being the question, don’t you think you need to be able to answer it?

Are You Covered if Something Bad Happens?

With all the time you devote to you patients, you may not be taking enough time for you.

With that in mind, what would you do if something bad happened to you?

For example, what to do if you suffered a serious injury or came down with a major illness and had to stop working? Whether the work stoppage is for a notable period of time or for good, how would you support yourself? Even worse, what if you have a family depending on you?

By having the right disability insurance, you can take one of the biggest concerns off your plate.

Whether you go for Guardian physician disability insurance or another, do your homework.

By having the right plan watching over you, rest easier day and night.

Speaking of resting a little easier, do you take pride in the health services you offer your patients?

If business has been a little shaky as of late, there could be several reasons for this.

Among them:

1. Bad customer service – Nothing can kill a business faster than bad customer service. No matter the type of practice, patients come to you expecting not only quality care but good service. When the latter is mediocre at best, you have a problem on your hands. Take the time to review your customer service initiatives. If they are lacking in any department, fix this. No one wants to wait for hours to see their doctor. No one wants to have major problems with their billing. Last, no one wants to have to come back again and again or go elsewhere because you could not treat them.

2. Issues with insurance – It is no surprise that many folks have an issue with their insurance. Although that is in fact between them and their health insurers, you can get caught in the middle of the tug of war. Make sure your staff does its best to keep patients up to speed on their insurance needs when they come in for a visit. No one wants to get an outrageous bill at the end of the day.

3. Cleanliness in the office – Finally, with all you do, you may not have cleanliness in your office as a top priority. That said no patient wants to walk into an office that is a breeding ground for health issues. Make sure you and your team do your best to keep your office looking good. 

If there are questions to how healthy your practice is, take the time to answer them. In the event you need to fix some things, do them.

Given patients often have choices in their doctoring; give them a reason to choose you.