Finding the best moving service for your move

Finding the right moving company for your house move or relocation is a big undertaking, on top of packing up the entire house.  From professional long-distance movers to the local guys with a medium-size truck for rental, there are plenty of choices.  How do you know that the company you are looking at is the best for you? 

Choosing a reliable moving company is one of the most important steps in the moving process as you’ll be entrusting the company to move all your precious belongings.  When shopping around for a mover, it’s important to follow these 6 tips:

1  Read reviews and complaints. 

Read reviews from previous customers by searching the web with the company name followed by such keywords as ‘complaints’, ‘unreliable’, ‘unprofessional’ and ‘reviews’.  Google whether the company has a report with the Better Business Bureau, which has reviews of over 20,000 moving-related companies.

2  Choose a company with a proven track record

Choose a moving company with years in operation over a new business with not much proven track record, unless the company is personally recommended by a trusted friend or family member.  A decade or more in the business with a reputable track record will be the difference in whether you have a successful move or one with lots of grouses.

3  Get quotes

Get at least three written or online quotes from three different moving companies to compare. Be wary of companies that give you quotes at an unbelievably low price with terms that are too good to be true.

4  Be suspicious of large deposit requirements

Many moving companies won’t require any payment until your belongings are delivered. If you are asked to pay a deposit, charge the deposit or other payments to a credit card, so that you can contest the charge if there’s any discrepancy or wrongdoing by the company. 

5  Find reputable movers who are qualified, licensed and insured

A moving company that is licensed and insured should be one of your requirements.  This precaution should be taken so that in the event anything goes wrong during the move, there is insurance as backup.

6  Check with your mover on special items and unique circumstances

If you have any exceptionally heavy or bulky items such as a safe, a piano or a heavy teak wood cabinet, inform your potential mover up front.  Some movers may lack the necessary equipment or experience to move these specialty items.

To find a company with a proven history of reliability, safety, reasonable fees and a high quality of service, head over to Ship to choose from hundreds of professional moving companies where you can read reviews and ratings from past customers. You’ll be given free quotes from moving companies to do a comparison on pricing and services. The more work you put into choosing the best moving company, the less work you’ll have to put into dealing with a potential botched job.  You can learn more about Shiply at their website.

It’s easy to be conned by scammers posing as movers and we hope you will not fall prey.  With the above tips in mind, we hope you’ll be able to find the best moving company for your next move. When you engage a reliable mover, you’ll find a peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are in good hands. Happy moving!