Do You Have Binge Eating Disorder?

When thinking about eating disorders, a lot of people might immediately think of anorexia or bulimia, as they appear to be the conditions that are most often discussed when it comes to this topic. While these are two very serious eating disorders that need to be recognized, it’s also important to think about other eating

Can CBD Help My Allergies?

Sneezing, itching, and congestion, oh my! Every year, millions of Americans suffer from some form of allergies. In fact, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America claims that over 50 million Americans deal with allergic reactions, especially during warmer weather.  Environmental allergies are a common form of allergies that many people experience thanks to the

Natural Strategies for Fighting MS

There are a few diseases that are more challenging to live with than multiple sclerosis or MS, as it is more commonly called. After all, this disabling condition of the central nervous system – specifically the spinal cord and brain – will not only cause irreparable damage, but the resulting nerve deterioration can significantly affect

8 Proven Health Benefits of Medicinal Cannabis

The medicinal properties of cannabis are now widely accepted within the medical profession. As one U.S. state after another does away with its anti-cannabis laws, a burgeoning industry is flooding the market with a broad array of legally-grown medicinal cannabis products. Sufferers of chronic disease, many of whom had previously consumed illegal cannabis products to