Can CBD Help My Allergies?

Sneezing, itching, and congestion, oh my! Every year, millions of Americans suffer from some form of allergies. In fact, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America claims that over 50 million Americans deal with allergic reactions, especially during warmer weather. 

Environmental allergies are a common form of allergies that many people experience thanks to the pollen, dust, mold, and dander in the environment. While these allergies can be experienced year-round, most people find that their symptoms are worse in the spring and summer when more flowers are blooming and releasing pollen. 

Allergies are truly annoying, so finding good medications and/or supplements is important in helping to reduce symptoms and make you feel a lot better. Although there are lots of over-the-counter and prescription allergy medications that you can use, there’s another option that you may not have thought of before: CBD. 

Curious how CBD can help you combat the symptoms of environmental allergies? Keep reading to learn more. 

What is CBD?

Although CBD is gaining in popularity, and you’ve likely seen advertisements for CBD products all over, not everyone knows exactly what CBD is. CBD is short for cannabidiol, and it is a natural compound found in cannabis plants. 

It is completely non-psychoactive, so there’s no need to worry about experiencing any type of “high,” and CBD is completely legal in all 50 states. The compound that gives you a head high is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a cousin to CBD. Even though CBD and THC are both found in cannabis, they are each very different compounds with very different effects. 

Lots of research has been done on CBD and its health benefits, and studies have shown that CBD may be able to help you in many different ways. A few of the common benefits of CBD may potentially include:

  • Improved sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Reduced nausea
  • Reduced inflammation

Those are just a few of the benefits that CBD may provide. There is more and more research being conducted all the time in order to better understand the compound and all of the ways that it can help you feel better overall. 

It’s crucial that you only purchase high-quality CBD products from honest and reputable brands. Searching for the best CBD product for your allergies can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to look. 

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How CBD Helps Your Allergies

Because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects, researchers believe that it may help reduce some of the common symptoms of allergies. 

Inflammation is a component in allergic reactions – hives and puffy eyes are both symptoms that are partially caused by inflammation. Also, if you get bad headaches with your allergies, inflammation may be to blame for that as well. Since CBD has been shown to help reduce inflammation, taking some CBD each day may help you to feel a lot better. 

In addition, there is also research that says CBD may be effective as an antihistamine. Your body releases histamines when you come in contact with something that you’re allergic to, and those histamines are what cause many of your allergy symptoms like coughing and sneezing. Taking an antihistamine can help reduce those symptoms, so you might want to consider taking CBD as its antihistamine properties may provide relief. 

Ultimately, this is just a brief explanation about how CBD can help reduce the symptoms of your allergies. If you want to learn more about how CBD can help make allergy season more bearable, learn more here. 

And keep in mind, it’s crucial that you speak to your doctor before changing up your allergy medication game plan. If you find that CBD may be a good option for you, you can explore a variety of different products including CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD vape pens, and more.