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5 Free Apps to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals in 2020

Mobile technology has revolutionized how we exercise. Whether you are looking to gain muscle mass, lose weight or increase your stamina, there is a wide selection of innovative apps that can enhance your workout experience and help you maximize your physical potential. Popular apps range from simple tracking software to more comprehensive data-gathering software that can give you in-depth analysis of everything from your heart rate to your dietary habits. Read on for a list of the best free fitness apps to help you become your best self in 2020.

1. 7 Minute Workout

For those who find it difficult to find the time to exercise, the Johnson and Johnson 7 Minute Workout app might be exactly what you have been waiting for. The app guides the user through a high-intensity circuit training routine based on the latest physiological research. The app makes it possible to get your fitness fix anywhere, anytime and is also available on Apple Watch.

2. 8fit

The 8fit app allows the user to create a personalized workout and diet plan which is based on the type of results that they want to see. Users can select goals related to weight loss, increasing cardio performance or putting on muscle. They will then be given a detailed fitness and dietary plan that includes a host of useful suggestions and tips to help them reach their objectives in no time.

3. Fit Radio

Music is the best motivator for workouts. The beauty of the Fit Radio app is that customizes playlists to include music that is suitable for different kinds of exercise. Whether you need some lively tunes to help you go the extra mile on the treadmill, or you are looking for some extra musical inspiration to push your limits in the weight room, this app has just the thing to get you pumped.


The NIKE+ app functions like your own virtual personal trainer. Incorporating over 100 workout routines which focus on strengthening different areas of the body and a variety of muscle groups, it also allows users to share their workout stats with friends across different social media platforms, adding a degree of competition that helps to drive us on.

5. Pedometer

The Pedometer app taps into the geolocation services of your cell phone to give you accurate readings of the distance you have walked every day. The app can tell you how many steps you have taken, how much altitude you have gained or lost and the number of calories you have burned throughout the day. All the data is displayed in straightforward graphs to give the reader the most detailed stats on their daily activity. 

If your New Year’s resolution is to get fit, but you are at a loss about where to start, you should check out the market in mobile fitness apps. With apps to suit fitness goals of every type, there has never been a better time to get into shape than now!